Ron DiMenna


It was 1959 and on the New Jersey shore a bright young man named Ron DiMenna was just discovering the sport of surfing with fiberglass surfboards. The pastime soon became a passion and homemade surfboards would no longer do. When his father heard that Ron wanted his own custom surfboard from California, he suggested, "Buy three, sell two at a profit, then yours will be free." His Dad was right and Ron Jon Surf Shop was born. The original Ron Jon Surf Shop opened in Long Beach Island, New Jersey in 1961. DiMenna sold surfboards out of that tiny Jersey shore shop and supplied former customers with surfboards to open Ron Jon Surf Shop @ the Cocoa Beach Pier their own surf shops on the East Coast. When he headed to Florida two years later and opened the "One of a Kind" Ron Jon Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach, he sold even more. Today, Ron Jon Surf Shop has grown into a world famous surfing Mecca. The original Ron Jon Surf Shop on Long Beach Island, N.J. is now a four-level surf emporium filled with a colossal selection of active lifestyle apparel, board sports equipment, and dive apparatus. It even features one of the world's largest surfboards (more than 24 feet in length). The "One-of-a-Kind" Ron Jon Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach, Fla. .

Ron Dropping in

DiMenna and his next-door neighbor, John Spodofora, who is now a Stafford Township committeeman, opened Ron Jon Surf Shop in Ship Bottom in 1961. And two years after that, DiMenna moved to Florida to open the “One of a Kind” Ron Jon Surf Shop in Cocoa Beach, which is now the franchise’s flagship store and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Brevard County, Fla.

The company now has nine locations along the East Coast and has licensing agreements with stores as far away as Mexico, Canada and the Caribbean.


Original Ron Jons Shipbottom NJ