David Reese

David is Palm Beach royalty. His great grandfather Elijah Newton Dimick was one of the town's first settlers and was the first mayor to be born there. He also started many businesses in the town and opened the Coconut Grove House, which was the city's first hotel. He was also responsible for building the Royal Park Bridge, the first there, in 1915. Then there was David's grandfather, Thomas, who was also a mayor there. With his brother's passing-away David's family became the last of the Reese's still living on the barrier island David, a West Palm Beach realtor, was one of the area's pioneer surfers.

David Burning fellow Hall of Fame Member Chummer McCranels At Domes In Puerto Rico

He was instrumental in co-founding the Palm Beach Surfing Association that played a huge part in the preservation of open surfing beaches. Because of his unyielding determination David became a driving force in the subsequent legal power struggle. He had to make sure that the anti-surfing ordinances the City of Palm Beach had put into effect would ultimately fail. He was perfect for the job.

Not only was he a great organizer but he set a professional example that gave all surfers credibility. His endless hours talking to lawmakers and lawyers ensured that the entire East Coast would slay the evil dragon and guarantee the right to surf freely without the fear of being arrested. David's family home was always used by traveling surfers as a parking spot to access Reef Road waves from. He was a father figure to many of the Central Florida surfers. His doors were always open.

David and Doc handing out trophys at the Easterns