Bill Wise

Bill read an article by Bev Morgan about surfing in Hawaii. He dreamed about riding waves for almost 2 years. Then he and his partner George Pittman (left) bought their first boards which arrived by train shortly before Christmas 1961. George and Bill with a load of Ole surfboards made by Hobie. Early in 1963.

The Delaware Drop

Bill Wise rides at The Tower in 1963.Two years later Bill broke his neck at this same spot, nearly drowned, and was paralyzed for the rest of his life.


Surfer Magazine Shot
The picture of Bill at Bethany Beach (drop knee) in 1963 appeared in a magazine article; "Delaware.......... Where's That?" Published in March 1964 Surfer Magazine.



Bill's Truck, The SURFER EXPRESS
"The Surfer Express" from which he sold boards. Bill's business was named "The Eastern Surfer," which you can see on the back of the truck. This photograph was taken in 1962 in his backyard in Harrington, Delaware..

The Woodie
Our 1939 Ford Woody parked in my backyard in Harrington Winter 1963.